Wholesale Car Detailing for Dealership Clients

TSMDETAILING has collaborated with various car dealerships, including notable names such as Carvana of Portland, Toyota of Vancouver, Polaris, Acura, Audi, BMW, Honda, and more. Some of these partnerships are ongoing, with weekly collaborations.

Our mobile detailing teams are committed to providing a comprehensive professional experience for every vehicle we handle. We guarantee that each time our experts arrive on site, they deliver a level of service that sets us apart from other dealership detailers. Here’s why dealerships choose to collaborate with TSMDETAILING:

**Why Car Dealerships Choose TSMDETAILING for Outsourcing:**
– They require detailed, clean cars on their lots ready for customers promptly.
– They need a company capable of detailing up to 15 cars per day with precision and care.
– Their current in-house detailing services are unable to maintain the required quality within reasonable timeframes.
– Their current in-house detailing services struggle to keep pace with sales due to staffing shortages.
– Vehicle preparation and logistics are suffering due to a lack of detailer resources or time, resulting in lower customer satisfaction and unmet dealership expectations, especially from owners of luxury car brands.

**Outsourcing When Behind Schedule:**
With our mobile detailing services, you can always rely on a team of trained professionals when demand increases. This ensures you can fulfill promises made to your customers. TSMDETAILING values building trusted relationships with our dealership detailing clients, understanding each client’s unique needs rather than treating them as mere transactions.
**Customized Dealership Detailing Packages:**
We work closely with each organization to provide tailored detailing services that align with their short and long-term objectives. Dealership owners have access to our full range of auto detailing services, including interior and exterior cleaning, paint correction, engine bay detailing, headlight restoration, wheel cleaning, window tinting, ceramic coating installation, and more. Dealerships can opt for group packages or schedule individual appointments per vehicle as required.
**Wholesale Pricing on Car Detailing for Dealerships:**
Understanding the automotive industry’s demands, TSMDETAILING offers wholesale pricing on detailing services for dealerships. Our expert technicians collaborate closely with you to achieve optimal results while adhering to your budget. Quality car detailing is crucial for maintaining vehicles’ appearance and functionality, ultimately leading to increased sales.

**Minimum Order Quantity:** 10 vehicles

**Wholesale Full Detailing Price for Any Size Vehicle (Starting at $120):**
– Full wipe down
– Interior vacuuming
– Window cleaning
– Plastic cleaning and protection
– Upholstery cleaning and extraction
– Leather treatment
– Minor pet hair removal
– Minor carpet stain removal
– Detailing of floor mats and trunk
– Cleaning of door jams
– Air freshener treatment
– Professional hand wash
– Bug removal
– Engine bay detailing
– Pressure washing of rims and tires
– Removal of lettering/chalk on windows
– Tire dressing
– Cleaning of wheel wells

TSMDETAILING offers customized detailing services for a diverse range of clients across various industries. Our highly trained detailing professionals specialize in servicing sedans, SUVs, and trucks, ensuring exceptional results. We are particularly adept at providing car detailing services for dealerships.

To inquire about becoming a dealership client, please call +1 630-938-1160 and ask for the owner, Tommy, regarding dealership car detailing. We are committed to helping your dealership regain its momentum!

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Experience Professional Fleet Detailing at your location with TSMDetailing. Our comprehensive services encompass full detailing, washing, waxing, vacuuming, and advanced protection to ensure your fleet maintains its pristine appearance for an extended period.


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We arrange specialized detail teams for your dealership or business, staffing your establishment with our proficient technicians. Furthermore, every detail is supported by our satisfaction guarantee, ensuring excellence on every occasion.

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Julius Černiauskas
Julius Černiauskas
Came to my house and cleaned perfectly , can’t complain , perfect job. 👌
lauras aaa
lauras aaa
Thank you for the best possible service! Great people!
Gabriele Selevaite
Gabriele Selevaite
Ignas and his team did a great job. Fast,friendly,efficient and my car look like it did when I bought it lol ! I would recommend them to anyone.
Tamara Arsovska
Tamara Arsovska
Very happy with this service , my car looks like new
Great and fast service, highly recommended
Andrew Dushku
Andrew Dushku
TSM keeps my trucks clean and fresh. Results in happy drivers and positive brand image. Only trust TSM with detailing , many other companies will start strong then after few months of business they get lazy. Over 1 year and still satisfied with them
Mutual Grounds Construction LLC
Mutual Grounds Construction LLC
I use TSM for detailing my entire fleet of 75 trucks. Solid service, responsive to feedback and great price . These guys work hard!
Zeeshan Mohammed
Zeeshan Mohammed
Great job done again with these guys. I had them detail my SUV a year ago which was a mess, came back again today and did 2 cars in one day, both great work. Highly recommend.
arminas lubianskas
arminas lubianskas
They arrived promptly at our assigned time, and contacted me previous to let me know he was on his way. He explained the entire procedure and got to work right away. It looks brand new. Definitely on my list to use again. Lukas the Best